Podiatrist in W1

Marcella Bell

Marcella Bell podiatrist and chiropodist in central London W1



Chiropody treatment: £60.00

Biomechanical assessment and casting: £80.00

Custom made orthotics: from £220.00

Nail surgery: from £240.00

Wilde-Pedique nail correction - single nail: £80.00

Wilde-Pedique nail correction - two nails: £100.00

Chiropody treatment - £60.00
Standard chiropody treatment (such as for nail problems, verruca, callus or corns) takes about 25 minutes.

Pricing for orthotics
If you need orthotics (prescribed insoles for your shoes that support joints and improve alignments), you need to book a biomechanical assessment. In this appointment you can explain your problem. Your posture will be examined. The position, angle and range of movement of your joints will be measured. The aim is to find the cause of the problem, so that the most appropriate orthotics can be prescribed. For custom-made orthotics, casts are taken of your feet. Models of your feet are made from these casts so that the orthotics can be very precisely made to be as effective as possible.

The cost of the biomechanical assessment is £80, and includes casting when needed.

Custom-made orthotics usually cost £220 for a pair. Some specialised ones cost £250, but these are only prescribed in rare circumstances.

Total costs for custom-made orthotics.
For nearly everyone who needs a pair of custom-made orthotics, the fee will be £80 for the assessment and casting, plus £220 for the orthotics. This makes a total of £300 to pay.

Please note, if you know that you need custom-made orthotics, then please ask for a 45 minute appointment when booking. This will allow enough time for the examination and for the casting.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your booking, please do so within twenty four hours to avoid the full treatment price charge.