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Your guide to toe nail correction - Wilde-Pedique

Often people are embarrassed to show thick, discoloured or fungal nails when out or when on holiday. 


Today, nail diseases can be treated permanently and successfully with nail cosmetic treatments. This has become possible by the development of modern corrective materials.

What does modern toe nail correction actually mean?
The Wilde-Pedique nail gel system is a means to restore the toe nail partially or completely, providing an attractive cosmetic result.

The 1-phase resin is a light-curing synthetic resin which is cured in a light unit.
The Wilde-Pedique is an elastic gel with antifungal properties which adjusts to the movements of the nails and feet. Thus the artificial nail feels completely natural, since it fits perfectly to the natural nail.

The Wilde-Pedique gel nail system can be used for cosmetic effects but is also used as follows:

  • To treat a fungal nail infection whilst at the same time giving a cosmetically acceptable nail. This has the added benefit that the client is more likely to expose the feet to the air which helps in clearing the problem.
  • To replace nails which have been lost e.g. due to sports. The nail bed can be kept open during the period of re-growth, minimising the risk of ingrown toe nails.
  • To provide a prosthetic or false nail where the nail has been removed. Often where a nail has been surgically removed, a little of the nail re-grows. In these cases a false gel nail can be applied - this will not last as long as where there is a larger area on which to apply the gel, but it can often be used for say a special occasion. This will only work though if there is some residual nail left; the gel will not adhere to skin alone.
  • To support a damaged nail e.g. where the nail has split or broken and is in danger of tearing and causing damage.
  • Where the nail has partially been removed due to a corn underneath the nail. The gel nail grows out with the original nail, but in order to ensure a permanent and attractive result, the Wilde-Pedique nail gel system should be re-applied every three months. These nails can also be painted over with normal nail varnish without damaging the gel appearance underneath.

Who is this suitable for?

It is suitable for almost anyone, male and female. Whilst many women prefer a shiny or classic French finish, the gel can be left with a more natural matt finish.

Although Wilde-Pedique treatment is suitable for most people.  There are certain circumstances where it may not be appropriate. The treatment includes a podiatric assessment to check for suitability.


Single nail correction (30 - 45 minutes) £80

Correction of two nails (45 -60 minutes) £100